Our Commodities

Atli Endustri Ltd is focused on trading several types and grades of semi-finished non-ferrous metal products. Aluminium, aluminium alloy, copper, zinc and tin are the metals we trade mainly, with different grades and in different forms. We deliver high grade LME registered metals if demanded.

We also supply lead, nickel, bismuth and other minor metals upon request.


Aluminium is one of the most important industrial metals, which used in extensive range of products, like automotive, packaging and construction sectors. Having specialties of being light and strong, it can be formed easily. Being highly resistant to corrosion, being non-toxic and its good conductivity , makes aluminium one of the intensely used metals in various industries. Additionally it is % 100 recyclable. We supply primary aluminium ( LME registered and non-registered ), aluminium alloy ingots, and billets.


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A very highly conductive of heat and electricity metal, copper plays an important role in modern age. It is predominantly used in electrical infrastructure, electrical and electronic products and telecommunication. Copper is being used more recently in automotive industry, especially in electrical cars. This shows us the demand of copper will increase in near future. We provide copper in cathode form.


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Zinc is mainly used in coating of steel to make it corrosion resistant. Galvanized steel has a lifetime of 10 times longer. Construction and automotive are the industries where zinc is used mostly. It is also used in battery production and providing other kind of metals like brass, zamak and aluminium alloy. We supply %99.995 special high grade zinc in ingots.


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Tin is most commonly used for coating the metals in order to prevent corrosion. Tin-plated steel is widely used for manufacturing food and drink containers. Another main usage of tin is in solder for electronics. Since the lead usage banned in production of solder, tin became the main element of solder up to 70 percent. Tin is also used as a component for production of bronze metal. We provide tin ingots minimum % 99.85 purity.


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